Thursday, 24 June 2010

Gŵyl Dathlu Coroni Owain Glyndŵr Machynlleth 2010

The new committee that's been set up at Machynlleth to organise Gŵyl Dathlu Coroni Glyndŵr annually has had a good start this year. To begin with, Owain Glyndŵr, true to form, ensured that the Gŵyl was blessed with warm and sunny weather and thanks to Councillor John Dukkett and his team of hard grafters,the town was a blaze of baneri Glyndŵr by Friday night ensuring that anybody that passed through the town were made aware that they were passing through a Glyndŵr town.
. Saturday morning started with the annual Displaying of the Glyndŵr Crown Ceremony. This year, the rallying point was at the War memorial by Moma. At 11am, the small delegation, which included the Town Mayor and Mrs Hughes (the Mayor's wife) gathered behind the piper, the flag bearers and the Custodian of the Glyndŵr Crown and paraded through the town and to the Plas. There, they were met by council representitives and Mick Bates AM. The annual ceremony of transferring the crown to the Town Mayor took place and he and the council representatives joined the parade to take the crown to be displayed at the Senedd-Dŷ.

The Gŵyl committe had set up a marquee on Parliament green and there was a children's corner where face painting and other activities took place. Stories were told by Nicola Hart and a puppet show on the assasination attempt on Owain Glyndŵr at his coronation by Dafydd Gam was performed by Cwmni Cortyn. Although I personally could not stay to see the puppet show as I had to be in Cefn Caer for the opening of the Glyndŵr Heroes Garden, I have seen this puppet show twice previously. It's brilliant! well worth booking for all Owain Glyndŵr Festivals. .

Refreshments were laid on as well as a barbecue - which must be the reason why I ended up a few pounds heavier at the end of the festival! John really does cook a 'mean' burger and Anwen's Welsh cakes went like hot cakes should!
The folk band 'Y Mari Lwyd' came to perform on the street and other music was provided by Gwyndaf from 'Siop Crefftau Dyfi' who was also in charge of the announcements.

The evening 'Gig' was held at 'Y Plas' - in a brilliant venue hall within Y Plas that I didn't know existed until last Saturday! The evening started with Y Mari Lwyd perfforming 'caneuon gwerin' outside 'Y Plas' whilst the setting up of another barbecue took place. Performances inside took place by Lazarus, a very lively and polished performer. His songs are, in the main, social ballads and are sung in English but he has produced a lively song about Owain Glyndŵr which he sang macnificantly - as always. He has a C.D. for sale with the Owain Glyndŵr song on it - and its only £3! well worth buying. Huw Chiswell was next in the line up and he sang some of his most popular tracks before leaving the stage to make way for a fresh young local band called 'Hufen Ia Poeth'. They had a brilliant set and have a wonderful following in the area already. They also have a C.D. out entitled 'Esblygiad', well worth having I can assure you.

A special thanks to our patriot piper Geraint Roberts who led the 'Displaying of the Crown' procession.

The 'Gŵyl Dathlu Coroni Glyndŵr Machynlleth' committee have already started to organise fund raising activities to raise money for next year's Gŵyl- which promises to be bigger and better still - and it will grow annually from strength to strength with your support. This is The festival that should be supported in Cymru, above all others, on the nearest weekend to the 21st June annually. This is one of the most important dates in our history when our Prince Owain Glyndŵr was crowned Prince of Wales at Machynlleth and when our first Welsh Senedd was established by him in the same town. This is our 'DYDD SOFRANIAETH' the day when we can annually express to the world that as far as we Y Cymry are concerned, our sovereignty is still intact.

The other important date to remember of course is Sept 16 - Dydd Glyndŵr - 'DYDD ANNIBYNIAETH' where we hope that the Cymry of the Corwen area will also be inviting us all to join them annually in a great 'Dydd Glyndŵr' - DYDD ANNIBYNIAETH festival so that, again, we can express to the world that we 'Y Cymry' are still as united in the cause for our ANNIBYNIAETH now as the 'Cymry' were during Owain Glyndŵr's Great War for Welsh Independence. So, if you are 'true Cymry', do we really need to ask you to to keep both of these dates free annually and to come to both festivals to show your support and an united front for both our SOFRANIAETH and ANNIBYNIAETH! Make that simplest of efforts to make an united stand - and we will be back on the right track to victory - on both counts! It all depends on all of you! Are you prepared to stand by and watch a handful of dedicated patriots parade the Glyndŵr Crown (the symbol of our SOVEREIGNTY) through the town of Machynlleth year after year or, are you going to join us next year in a great parade that will express to the world that the Cymry have not given up on our right to our INDEPENDENCE and SOVEREIGNTY as a nation?

For a report and pics of the opening of the 'Gardd Goffa Arwyr Glyndŵr at Cefn Caer, go to our new blog 'Anturiaethau Glyndŵr' at
I will be publishing a report with pics on the Unveiling Ceremony of Cefn Caer's copy of the Pennal Letter tommorrow so go and visit then.
Regards Cefn Caer: Cadw and the Welsh Assembly Government has commissioned an 'Owain Glyndŵr Interpretative Plan for tourism that is blatantly bias and very disparaging in regards to Cefn Caer's claim to its Owain Glyndŵr association and as soon as I've composed the report on the Unveiling Ceremony of the Cefn Caer copy of the Pennal Letter for the Cenedl Glyndŵr blog tommorrow, I will be dealing with the aforementioned Interpretative Plan in full as it is also littered with many other inaccuracies.